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Over 8, patients were successfully treated for obesity by the Ponderas team.

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An integrated oncological approach at the Ponderas Academic Hospital At the Ponderas Academic Hospital, cancer patients are treated by an integrated, multidisciplinary team comprised of an oncologist, surgeon, collaborator radiotherapists, anatomic pathology doctor, imaging doctor, nutritionist, psychologist, and a doctor having the right specialization for the tumor location.

The psychologist uses questionnaires to understand the îndepărtarea papilomelor don of anxiety or depression resulting from the diagnosis, and intervenes with psychotherapy if needed.

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  • Published19 Jan Abstract The noninvasive diagnosis of the malignant tumors is an important issue in research nowadays.

The medical oncology department has a capacity of 10 patients concomitantly, i. The integrated breast cancer diagnosis and treatment center offers advantages for the doctors, who can exchange information quickly and apply the same medical standards and protocols, but most importantly for the patients.

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Thus, the female patients have access to all the required services in the same place, and know exactly what they need to do next. The multidisciplinary team includes doctors specializing in the treatment of breast pathologies.

A murit anul trecut de cancer la colon. He died a year ago of colon cancer. Dacă ai cancer la colon, îl putem trata. If you have colon cancerwe can treat it. Nu spun că ai cancer la colon, Dar e destul de serios și trebuie să-ți mai fac și alte analize.

All of them together — oncologist, surgeon, imaging doctor, anatomic pathology doctor, plastic surgeon, radiotherapist and gynecologist — decide on the best therapeutic course and approach for the patient, based on international recommendations and standards, but customized for each and rectal cancer operation female patient. A psychologist and kinesitherapist are also part of the team.

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The Excellence Center in Colorectal Surgery The multidisciplinary team provides treatment for all acute and chronic diseases of the colon, rectum and anus, including colorectal cancer. The recognition as an Excellence Center is the proof of premium quality in areas such as: experience of the team of surgeons and medical nurses performance of the equipment and technology in the operating rooms cares delivered to patients according to medical guidelines and protocols results achieved for the treated patients remarkably low number of procedural errors and complications.

This confirms the outstanding care delivered to the patients with gynecological disorders.

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The expertise areas include gynecological cancers and uro-gynecology. The operation that saved two lives: conservative treatment of cervical cancer in a year-old pregnant woman The operation was delicate and difficult at the same time, both in terms of anesthesia and the procedure itself, because there was not only one patient on the operating table but two. In the 13th week of pregnancy, the fetus has about 6.

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Diana is the first Romanian to have had a conservative treatment for cervical cancer during pregnancy. International medical performance — only 2 cases worldwide NPS of 9. Exceptional medical track record At the Băneasa Hospital, our doctors have an impressive track record in managing difficult medical cases by performing rectal cancer operation interventions congenital diaphragmatic hernia operated the day after the baby was born, intrauterine fetal transfusion, bilateral fetal hydrothorax treated in utero, newborn delivered safely after the mother had a surgery for cervical cancer during the 14th week of pregnancy.

Ultra-performing neonatal intensive care The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is equipped with modern mechanic ventilators and non-invasive ventilation devices to support care for preterm newborns, already as of 24 weeks.

Experienced neonatologists Our neonatologists have extensive experience in treating newborns with special needs and delivered cared to over 2, preterm infants in the rectal cancer operation The best private maternity hospital According to the Brand Performance survey conducted by GFK, the Băneasa Hospital has the best maternity, which is also rectal cancer operation by the more than 3, births last year, the largest number in the private system.

Many disorders and complex congenital malformations can be treated already before birth, due to the training and experience of the medical team coordinated by Dr.

Băneasa hospital has the only fetal surgery center in romania — over fetal interventions Surgical premieres in Romania bilateral fetal hydrothorax treated in-utero, diaphragmatic hernia, twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome TTTSmyelomeningocele More than 33, saved lives and the ability to treat newborns as small as grams 24 weeks of pregnancy Over 3, babies born last year in our maternity, the highest number in the Romanian private healthcare sector THE FIRST STEM CELL BANK accredited to store umbilical cord tissue and the first stem cell bank integrated in a private healthcare network.

Taking into account the various comorbidities of elderly patients, an occlusive intestinal syndrome, caused by an obstructive colorectal tumor, presents a vital risk, which is why the main objective of the physician to decompress the obstruction. The aim of this study is to evaluate the obstructive colorectal cancer on elderly patients.

He returned to the country together with his family, after undergoing therapy with stem cells from his own umbilical cord blood. The novelty in this case is that the therapy will be delivered using stem cells from his brother.

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