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The nucleocrine pathway comes of age Razvan T. Radulescu More than 20 years ago, it was initially predicted that hormones and growth factors might promote cell growth by binding and thereby inactivating tumor suppressors, as exemplified by the proposed complex formation between insulin and retinoblastoma protein RB.

Meanwhile, additional nucleocrine pairs have emerged through further experimental studies, specifically the FGF1-p53 and angiogenin-p53 heterodimers.

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Moreover, first experimental clues have been obtained as to the intranuclear presence of the previously surmised heterodimer between the EGF precursor and the p tumor suppressor. These findings point to a more general significance of the nucleocrine pathway in cell growth regulation and as a particularly useful target in cancer therapy.

Carbon nanotubes for cancer therapy and neurodegenerative diseases Elena Daniela Melita, Gabriela Purcel, Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu Our review summarizes the latest approaches regarding a new class of nanomaterials - carbon nanotubes CNTs - which are promising candidates in different areas of nanomedicine. This paper discusses the main applications of CNTs in the repair of injured nerves and also as delivery systems for cancer therapy in difficult to reach anatomic sites.

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In terms of neurological applications, we focus on neural interface, neural stimulation, microelectrodes, and differentiation of stem cell into neural cells. Also, we highlight the in vitro and in vivo applications of CNTs-mediated cancer therapy and we will explain why CNTs are used for the treatment of difficult tumors. Corresponding author: Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu, Chem. The study group included 52 patients diagnosed with hepatic metastases.

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The obtained data demonstrate that HMNPs can be used as an efficient drug delivery system, for clinically relevant antimicrobial drugs. HMNPs antimicrobial activity depended on the loaded drug structure and the tested microbial strain, being more efficient against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, comparing with the Escherichia coli strain.

The novel HMNPs demonstrated an acceptable biocompatibility level, being thus a very good candidate for biomedical applications, such as drug delivery or targeting. Corresponding author: Dan Eduard Mihaiescu, Chem.

Condyloma acuminata description, Condyloma acuminata histopathology description.

Ultrastructure of the human palatine tonsil and its functional significance Marko Jovic, Verica Avramovic, Predrag Vlahovic, Vojin Savic, Aleksandra Velickov, Vladimir Petrovic The human palatine tonsils represent a mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue with a significant function in mucosal protection against alimentary and airborne pathogens. The ultrastructure of different morphological compartments in the human palatine tonsil was studied in eighteen tonsils obtained from the patients who had undergone elective tonsillectomy due to chronic tonsillitis.

The tonsillar specimens were analyzed by scanning and transmission electron microscopy.

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The results showed the presence of tight junctions between superficial epithelial cells of the oropharyngeal tonsillar surface. Antigen-presenting Langerhans cells with typical intracytoplasmic Birbeck granules were also found in the crypt epithelium. The lymphoid follicles are composed of lymphocytes and two types of non-lymphoid follicular cells: small fibroblast-like cells and large cells, morphologically consistent with antigen-bearing follicular dendritic cells or macrophages.

The interfollicular areas consisted of a dense network of reticular cells and reticular fibers; many lymphocytes were interspersed between the reticular fibers.

Condyloma acuminata and delivery addition to arterioles and high endothelial venules in the interfollicular lymphoid condyloma acuminata and delivery, some fenestrated capillaries were seen intraepithelially and subepithelially. The complex ultrastructure of the human palatine tonsil provides hpv vaccine therapy microenvironment necessary for antigen uptake, antigen processing and immune response.

Corresponding author: Marko Jovic; e-mail: marko.

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BRCA1 insC founder mutation has not a significative recurrent presence in Northeastern Romanian cancer patients Lucian Negura, Cristian Petru Dusa, Miruna Ioana Balmus, Doina Azoicai, Anca Mihaela Negura, Mihai Vasile Marinca, Lucian Miron Developed two decades ago, oncogenetic medical practice mainly concern breast, ovarian and colorectal cancers, and is targeting the hereditary risk factor, the only one that shows positive predictive value justifying the molecular diagnosis.

The gold standard for molecular diagnosis is Sanger sequencing of all exons and exon-intron boundaries, which is expensive and time consuming.

More than BRCA sequence variants are reported in international databases, but in some populations or ethnic groups a few founder mutations showed to have a recurrent presence. This may be very useful in establishing a combined technical approach for mutation detection, including rapid and cheap pre-screening methods for most common mutations.

Here we present a complete screening of consecutive series of breast and ovarian cancer patients for the presence of BRCA1 insC.

Condyloma acuminata delivery. Suplimente detoxifiante pentru alegerea vieții

The presence of the mutation was investigated by allele specific multiplex-PCR on genomic DNA extracted from peripheral blood. No mutation carrier was identified among breast or ovarian cancer patients. Our findings suggest that BRCA1 insC may not have a strong recurrent effect in Romanian population comparing to neighboring countries. This may be particularly useful in establishing further pre-screening strategies. The study group consisted of 61 individuals with MS and the control group of 73 individuals without MS, matched for age and gender.

For each individual, clinical and genetic parameters with possible influence on PON1 activities paraoxonase, arylesterase and lactonase were measured.

Condyloma acuminata behandling,

PON1 activities were influenced by all three polymorphisms, regardless of the presence of MS. Sonographic evaluation of condyloma acuminata and delivery cerebral structures correlated with histological aspects Alexandru Cristian Comanescu, Nicolae Cernea, Oana-Sorina Tica, Maria Victoria Comanescu, Elena Carmen Niculescu, Charoula Florou, Florin Grosu Prenatal development of the human brain from undifferentiated neuroepithelium, crosses numerous steps towards primordial organization and subsequent cytoarchitectural layering, ascending and progressive from the lower cortical layers to the superior ones.

Our study represents a systematic, comparative assessment of imaging studies and the histological evaluation of the prenatal development of the human brain.

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We evaluated cases using 3D ultrasound. Another word for a papilloma study was performed on 17 cases aged between 8 and 32 weeks pregnancy and compared with imaging results.

For the ultrasound study, we chose five anatomical landmarks: the choroid plexus, thalamus, cerebellum, hippocampus and island Sylvian fissure.