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The aim of this study was to evaluate the use of colonoscopy as the screening test in asymptomatic first-degree relatives of CRC patients. Material and method: Colonoscopy was performed in asymptomatic individuals who had at least one first-degree relatives with CRC.

Colonoscopy is a method that helps examine the entire colon, using the wide-angle lens video endoscope. In time, we have noticed that many patients wonder whether colonoscopy is a painful, but necessary investigation. This fear often prevents the early diagnosis of devastating diseases, such as colon cancer. Is Colonoscopy Painful?

Romania Cancer Oranisations and Resources CancerIndex A colorectal cancer screening - Traducere "large bowel" în română Stadializare tnm cancer colorectal menrectga Stadializare tnm cancer colorectal Colorectal cancer dukes staging, Although not-fulfilling all "the Amsterdam  offers  a homogenous but  apparently rigid  frame,  considering  criteria"  for  eligibility  in  the  HNPCC  group,  the  patients  current  molecular  genetics  research. Thus,  more  and  more  with colo-rectal cancer and positive family history showed  patients  that  do  not  fulfil  colorectal cancer history those  criteria  and  an  morphoclinical  colorectal cancer dukes staging which  suggested  poor  prognosis  important number of patients with sporadic cancers are found  compared to  those with negative family history. Family History of Colon Cancer A  comparative  analysis  of the  morphoclinical  Key  words  features  in  non-polyposis  colo-rectal  cancer  patients  with  Hereditary  colo-rectal  cancer  -  Amsterdam  Criteria  - positive  colorectal cancer history histories  which  fulfil  entirely  or  partially  prognosis  "the  Amsterdam  criteria"  versus  the  patients  with  sporadic  non-polyposis  colorectal  cancers.

The modern technology helps entirely eliminate colonoscopy-related pain. In Laurus Medical Clinics, this procedure is available with sedation, upon request, the investigation being entirely safe and without any prejudice to the patient.

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Thus, a colonoscopy with sedation helps fully eliminate pain and protects the patient from the procedure-specific fear and embarrassment, while gaining precious time in the case of precancerous conditions discovered upon this investigation. How To Prepare For Your Colonoscopy The standard preparation supposes the administration of osmotically active solutions.

The preparation starts on the morning prior to the investigation and, after breakfast, which should not be a light one, the patient will be on a hydric diet.

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They are only allowed to drink clear liquids: plain water, tea, compote, clear soup in any quantities. Diabetic patients may sweeten these liquids to avoid hypoglycemia.

No solid foods are allowed.

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Starting 3pm, you must start colorectal cancer family history the solution prepared according to the indications, in order to ensure the full colon emptying, so that the last stool excreted is colourless. You will have numerous explosive stools, which is why you must make sure the toilet is nearby.

Colonoscopy Preparations Patients suffering from accentuated chronic constipation require a higher solution dose and, possibly, the additional administration of laxatives or an evacuation enema.

The Truth about Colon Cancer

In the case of patients with a subocclusive syndrome, special caution must be exerted, to avoid the risk of occlusion, which requires an emergency surgical intervention. In the case of patients with an ileostomy or colon resections, the preparations are identical, but a lower solution dose might be sufficient. Indications: evaluation of an irigography abnormality; GI haemorrhage of unknown cause; iron deficiency anaemia of unknown cause; GI inflammatory diseases: diagnosis, prognosis, follow-up; chronic diarrhea: a biopsy is collected even if the mucous membrane is normal; the assessment of the colorectal cancer risk depending on the risk level patients with polyps, with colorectal cancer surgery, with inflammatory bowel disease, with a family history of cancer ; Therapeutic treatment of lower GI haemorrhage; foreign body extraction.

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